Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to the CK-Files!!!!

Greetings to all,

This blog is dedicated to a variety of topics and intelligent discussion of issues. Please be responsible in your posts and help provide insights and perspectives to our topics. Once again, welcome, and here's to a lively debate!

Charles W. Kim


Anonymous said...

Does one have to pay to "get in on the debate", or is this a donation too?
And are you still with PV, what's going on?

Charles W. Kim said...

Suscribe only if you think the material in my articles is worth it. I am still writing for Pemberton Voice and will continue to. I am also writing freelance pieces that have a larger scope than the Township. I'm sure people reading this blog will have opinions and insights on these topics as well. The subscription request is simply another way to help fund the work going into preparing these reports and is separate from Pemberton Voice funding.
This blog is being promoted in several other places and is open to a much larger readership. It is separate idealogically from Pemberton Voice in that it deals with issues of a more statewide or national nature. I want everyone interested in these topics to have a chance to help finance the time to do more investigative pieces. There are a number of topics that could use more in-depth reporting and I hope to shed some light on them. The subscription allows me to pursue these issues as well as my reports for PV. It is another form of income to help pay the bills so I can keep writing. At $5 a month, no one is going to get rich. If 1,000 subscribed to this blog, I would be amazed and flattered to have so many people appreciative of my work. If I get; $100 per month writing this blog, I would be happy. I just want to be able to continue writing, and this is one of several ways I can try to afford to do that. I will promise to all the readers that if I ever get 2,500 subscribers, I will drop the subscription donation to $1 per month. With this, PV, and other sources, I just wish to earn a living. That is all. I write for the love of it and am more concerned with raising issues and debates than becoming a rich man. I also view this as a way for all those that have said they like the articles I write to show their support.
I hope this answers your questions and I invite you participate in the blog and suscribe, if you feel the information is worth about 16-cents a day.
Thanks for your comments,
Charles W. Kim